Stoneleigh Dolls

Thursday, 2 February 2012

'Black Magic Woman'...

Before I could finish Jack Sparrow, I started to get inspired to make a gypsy doll with long black hair and bright blue eyes. Typical me though, all through the making of this doll, I was getting inspired by different yarns and patterns to make a whole pile of dolls clothes (none of which even remotely resembled a gypsy outfit...) and I ended up with about 6 different projects going at the same time.

Stella (my gypsy) ended up becoming quite the modern young woman with a stylish wardrobe instead.

(It is worth noting at this point that, as of the writing of this post, I have almost completed both my Jack Sparrow AND the original gypsy outfit for Stella after forcing myself to do a little bit each day this week haha!)

I wasn't entirely happy with Stella once she was finished. In my opinion, her eyes were too high and positioned wrong on her face and she looked a bit off.

When I fixed Jemima, I also fixed Stella's face. I unpicked her eyes and re-positioned them and also re-did her hairline to suit her new face.

I am now entirely happy with her and ready to share her photos and her wardrobe (minus one gypsy outfit that is still being finished of course haha... I'm so baaaad)

Introducing my black-haired girl... Stella.

...and here are the various pieces I started while making her that ended up being her 'unplanned' modern wardrobe.

This outfit was inspired by the purple skirt. It was a design idea I had and I wanted to see how well it would work.

This outfit was completely inspired by the fluffy striped yarn that was calling out to me to be made into a big warm jacket.

This one was all about the pink loopy yarn and seeing what I could turn it in to. It worked well as a very simple short sleeve jacket.

This skirt was one of the patterns in Fiona's 'Babes in the Wool' book that I liked. It is slightly modified for a better fit and I designed a simple top to compliment it.

The other dolls frequently 'borrow' Stella's clothes so she doesn't get to keep them all to herself...

Moving on...

By this stage of my doll making journey, I had bits of doll outfits all over the place and was trying to make complimentary pieces and match them up in coordinated outfits... I was also starting to get itchy fingers while looking at some blonde curly yarn I had found that looked like absolutely brilliant hair for a surfer styled doll.

Poor Jack Sparrow was going on the backburner again...