Stoneleigh Dolls

Monday, 27 August 2012

'Good Golly Miss Molly'...

Meet Molly. Molly started off as a doll that was going to be a very modern type of doll with a short fringed bob hair cut... but when it came time to cut her hair I couldn't do it! Then she was going to be a ballerina doll... but I didn't get the outfit finished and am procrastinating on it. Her final incarnation is what you see in the photos below. She became a modern, feminine dolly named Molly.
I have had the green coat finished for what seems like forever but never had an outfit to go with it... so I decided it should be Molly's. That was the inspiration behind the first outfit. The second one with the AK Traditions pinafore was designed for Molly when she was going to be very modern. In the end I softened it with a big sleeved undershirt. The third outfit was the first one finished... also designed for the very modern version of this doll. A white flower on the front softened it enough to suit her as she ended up I think.
I think she turned out quite well in the end.
The green coat and pink dress are patterns from Fiona McDonald's 'Babes in the Wool' book.
The pink shoes are a modified pattern from the same book.
The green boots are designed by me.

The purple, pink and green pinafore is a pattern from AK Traditions.
The scarlet boots and white undershirt are designed by me.

The purple shoes are a modified pattern from Fiona McDonald's 'Babes in the Wool' book.
The white pants and purple flower top are designed by me.


More to come very soon...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

'Scotland is Her Name'...

I have decided to start making clothing collections for my dolls after coming to the conclusion that if I keep knitting full dolls at my current rate... my house is going to be over run by dolls within a year...

However... one can never have too many clothes!

I had some balls of cleckheaton 'tartan' 8 ply that I figured would work with making some pleated plaid skirts. So here I am introducing my first doll clothes collection... the 'Plaid Skirt Collection'.

Modelling these outfits today are Stella, Six and Ren.

The first outfit is a fitted green plaid pleated skirt with a short sleeved black high neck top and black boots.
Modelled by the lovely Stella.

All items are designed by me. The chain with the heart charm is from Spotlight.

The second outfit is a full red/brown plaid pleated skirt with a bright red cardigan and brown boots.
Modelled by Ren.

The skirt and boots are designed by me.
The cardigan pattern is here


The final outfit is a fitted pink/purple plaid pleated skirt, mauve top with hot pink butterfly buttons and deep purple boots with pink trim and pink heart buttons.
Modelled by Six.

The skirt and boots are designed by me.
The top is a modified version of this pattern

As always... I have multiple doll projects on the go at various stages of completion. I'll post again as soon as I've managed to finish one of them!

Until then...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

'She's Leaving Home'...

This is the first doll I have made for someone else. This doll is made for my 5 year old god daughter, Meeya.
She requested blonde hair and blue eyes and the clothes are mainly designed with a 5 year old in mind. The doll doesn't have a name yet, that is up to Meeya to decide.

Please say hello (and goodbye) to Meeya's blonde haired doll!

The pink dress is my own design, the blue and purple jacket is a modified pattern from AK Traditions and the shoes are a modified pattern from Fiona McDonald's 'Babes in the Wool' book.

The white nightie and slippers are designed by me, the robe is a slightly modified pattern from AK Traditions.

The purple pants, pink sneakers and pink scarf are designed by me. The hat is from the 'Babes in the Wool' book and the sweater is a slightly modified pattern from the same book.

The mini dress is from the 'Babes in the Wool' book, the shoes are my own pattern.

I decided to make a duplicate doll so that it wasn't so hard to let this one go... so there will be another blonde haired doll coming up soon (albeit with a completely different wardrobe). I'm also working on a gypsy, bohemian style doll plus another boy doll (the ladies need some more men!). As usual I am doing all of these projects at the same time, plus an extensive clothing collection so I have no idea which one will get posted first!

Until next time...

Saturday, 7 July 2012

'La Vie en Rose'...

Meet 'Six'... I called her that because she is the sixth doll I have made and the name 'Six' kind of stuck while I was making her. Maybe I will rename her at a later date when her personality starts to come through a bit more.

The idea was to make a glamourous doll with a ball gown type outfit. I was inspired by the yarn I used for her hair and the deep red colour. I spend a great deal of time in yarn shops hunting out yarn that would make fantastic hair and it's usually the hair that inspires the rest of the doll.
As with all of my dolls, I have made her a few outfits to choose from. All of the wardrobe pieces are designed by me except for the pink shoes, which are a modified version of Fiona' McDonald's doll shoes from her 'Babes in the Wool' book.


Jack Sparrow has taken a liking to Six... (Six has borrowed a dress from Jemima's wardrobe).
They spent Six's first day with the gang hanging out together.

I have so many doll projects at the moment. I have definitely been inspired this winter! I'll have more to show you in a few days....