Stoneleigh Dolls

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Pattern Preview...

A warm winter coat I just finished.

I really love designing knitted doll clothes...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lyric Phones Home...

Lyric has sent Polly some photos of her camping out in her tent.

Now Polly is even more excited for her sister's visit!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Polly and Penny...

Polly was my prototype for this knitted doll pattern. Her eyes are a little different and her neck is a wee bit shorter but I love her quiet cuteness.

Jack Sparrow took Polly under his wing when she first arrived at Stoneleigh House... it was all so new and Polly is a little timid and a lot shy. She likes to hide behind her glasses and really likes to just sit in the corner and read her books. She doesn't like it much when I make her the centre of attention!

Although Polly is best described as quiet and shy... she is best friends with Penny... who arrived not long after Polly. She was so happy to not be the only Stoneleigh Doll in the house!

Penny is a sweet girl who loves pretty dresses and the colour pink. She is very girly and dreams of being a princess... She is a contradiction though... she also loves building things and using tools... and has decided that, if she can't be a princess, she wants to be a builder or a carpenter...
Penny's hair is a fine mohair weft hand stitched to her head in a wig pattern (very time consuming process to do this without a wig cap!). The result was a beautiful wispy full head of hair that can be styled a little. It was very much an experiment on my part and both Polly and Penny have bonded over the fact that they were both experiments...

Polly loves the new skirt suit I made for her... it makes her feel very official!

Penny also loves the beautiful dress that Polly and Matilda gave her for Christmas... she's very happy with the matching shoes I made her too.

As a side note...

Polly is starting to get a little bit excited as her sister, Lyric, is coming to visit for Easter. Lyric is a bit of a gypsy and loves to travel the world. Polly hasn't seen her since she came to live at Stoneleigh House so it's understandable that she is getting a bit impatient...

Here she is waiting for me to show her Lyric's latest travel pics...

Until next time!

Monday, 10 February 2014


A number of my knitted dolls become permanent residents here at Stoneleigh House. I tell myself that I need models for patterns and photos, but in reality these are the dolls I design for myself simply because I want them...

This is Matilda. She is a little bit special due to being named after a much loved red boxer doggie (with huge brown eyes) who passed away just before I made her.


Matilda loves life and is always happy and smiling. She loves to dance around the house and would love it if I made her some really colourful clothes and shoes. (I will I promise).

So far she has managed to get me to make her three dresses and a pair of shoes.

The shoes and the multi- coloured dress were her Christmas presents.

She likes to keep me company on the work desk while I am working on other things.

The red dress wasn't supposed to be hers but it suited her so well that eventually I let her have it.

Matilda feels a little bit left out as Polly and Penny are best friends and sometimes she feels like the third wheel... something tells me that will soon change though!

Until next time...

Monday, 30 December 2013

'A Very Dolly Christmas'...

Three knitted dolls are permanent residents of Stoneleigh House (so far!)... They are Polly, the first prototype of this knitted doll pattern, Penny, with the fluffy blonde hair and Matilda, with big brown eyes and red hair. I will introduce them properly in the new year... now that they have settled in.

For now, I want to share with you their very dolly Christmas. They get along well as new room mates, even though they are so different. Polly is quiet and studious, Penny is very girly but very handy around the house...and Matilda is very vivacious and loves life.

Polly found Jack Sparrow's Santa suit at the bottom of the dolly wardrobe and decided to get into the Christmas spirit. She figured Jack wouldn't mind as he looked after her when she first arrived at the house and he treats her like a kid sister. Of course... the suit was far too big but Polly made it work!

The girls all sat around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
The first to open her present was Matilda...

She was very excited!
Polly and Penny had given her a beautiful dress, two red polka dot ribbons and some red striped shoes! Matilda loved them!
Next to open her present was Penny.
Penny was hoping for something pink...

Matilda and Polly had given Penny a gorgeous dress with a pink heart pocket to keep all her gadgets plus a set of screw drivers and 4 hair clips! Penny was happy that her new friends knew her so well already.
Then it was Polly's turn...
Polly was a bit shy about opening her present in front of the others... but after some prodding... she finally opened it.

 Penny and Matilda had given Polly a pink striped Beanie (she had admired the one given to Pam's dolly that went to live in the UK), some red shoes, a white frilled skirt and 2 red hair clips. She was tickled pink at such thoughtful presents from her new friends.
The girls spent the rest of the morning admiring each other's presents and talking about their hopes and plans for the new year. They were all happy to have made new friends.
I hope you enjoyed my dolly Christmas... until next time!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Simone's Doll...

Another custom dolly order for Christmas. This one went to Melbourne to be a new friend for a little girl. All patterns for doll and clothes designed by me.

My dollies really liked her and didn't want her to leave!

That's the last of the blonde dolls for a little while... something different next!

Until next time...

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pam's Dolly...

As you may or may not know, I have started selling knitted dolls as well as just making them for me. This gives me a valid excuse for spending more time knitting dolls... and saves my house from becoming over run with little dolly friends!

This is Pam's dolly, I don't know her name yet. She is currently winging her way across the ocean to the United Kingdom. I think I packed her enough clothes to be prepared for the weather and she has a teddy friend for company on the trip. I hope her new family love her to pieces.

All patterns are designed by me and will be available very soon. You can follow my progress on my facebook page


More dolls to come!