Stoneleigh Dolls

Monday, 27 July 2015

Esme... a knitted doll that has been very patient...

This is Esme... I have had her sitting on my work desk for about a year... only half made. Poor dolly!

For months she was just a stuffed head and body with some lips. My two year old still recognised her as a 'dolly' in this state and eventually asked me to make her some legs, then a few months after that, some arms. Eventually she got a face and then perched herself on my desk looking at me, covering her bald head with a hat, until I decided what sort of hair she should have.

Ta Da!

Since she had to wait so long to be finished, I decided to give her a nice dress to make up for it. Now she's ready to get off my desk and go play with the other dollies!
Well... soon. I want to hang out with her for just a little bit longer... ;-)