Stoneleigh Dolls

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

'That's What Friends are for'...

Here are some new casual clothes for Molly and Six to hang out together in. Molly has done her hair in braids for this outfit, she thinks it gives her a bit of 'street cred' hehe.


These outfits were put together around three pieces that I have had in my stash of single items for a long time. The green top and the black and grey jacket.

I really love the knitted patterns from AK Traditions and use modified versions of them all the time for my dolls. One day I am going to make my six month old daughter one of their felt dolls. She's not quite up to dolls yet so I have some time up my sleeve!

If you've never seen the AK Traditions knitted and felt dolls, go check out their website. Their three pattern books are well worth getting.

Here are some photos of these outfits.


Pink top, shoes and grey pants designed by me
Grey and black coat modified from an AK Traditions pattern

Cargo shorts, green top, scarf and shoes designed by me.
Beret pattern is from Janet Longaphie found here

I have sooooooo many outfits to share with you in the very near future... I just have to finish off bits and pieces here and there and they are done! I also have a huge bohemian collection that looks like it's going to have to be in about four parts... plus an evening wear collection that has far more outfits than I have dolls to wear them (I love knitting gowns). I just have to work out the shoes for that one.

Oh and did I mention two more dolls? Amazingly, I seem to be finding the time to do all this at the moment.

Until next time!

'The Red Shoes'...

I just realised I haven't shared one of Ren's outfits on this blog... oopsie!

Ren wears this outfit a lot of the time... she just loves her red shoes (and so do I).

The dress is a patter from Fiona McDonald's 'Babes in the Wool' and the shoes are a modified pattern from the same book.


I have so many things to post so stay tuned!