Stoneleigh Dolls

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Journey so far...

It's funny what happens when you start a craft journey like the one I have been on. It never ends... always evolving, changing with new ideas and inspirations to guide your way. Eventually you arrive at a point where your work is identifiable as uniquely 'yours'.

I will never stop evolving that's for sure. But I think my knitted dolls have arrived at their destination. New ideas from this point will be more about new clothing and hair, rather than doll design.

I am sure I will be inspired to design more dolls, but they will be a new line. My knitted dolls will always be the original... the ones that started it all.

I have come a long way from this...

To this...
...and finally arriving to these...



  1. The journey is the thing! But, your destination looks great :-) All lovely dolls, all yours; congratulations!



  2. I really like your dolls. They are very sweet. I think I like Penny and Esme the best. They also have great hair!

    - Momma Cat