Stoneleigh Dolls

Sunday, 29 January 2012

'Ch-ch-ch-ch- changes'...

I finally fixed Jemima's wonky face. She now actually looks like she belongs with the other dolls. I unpicked her eyes, took off her head and restuffed it, sewed her head back on and then repositioned her eyes.

I also gave her a new blue dress to make her feel better about her makeover...
So here is the garden photo shoot to show off her new look.

I think she looks soooo much better... don't you?


  1. I think she is beautiful but then I didn't really have a problem with her to begin with but I know what it is like to be disatisified with something you've made. I think she does look more closely related to the other dolls now.

  2. Acho suas bonecas maravilhosas!!! e o guarda roupa então!!!!Lindo!!