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Monday, 27 August 2012

'Good Golly Miss Molly'...

Meet Molly. Molly started off as a doll that was going to be a very modern type of doll with a short fringed bob hair cut... but when it came time to cut her hair I couldn't do it! Then she was going to be a ballerina doll... but I didn't get the outfit finished and am procrastinating on it. Her final incarnation is what you see in the photos below. She became a modern, feminine dolly named Molly.
I have had the green coat finished for what seems like forever but never had an outfit to go with it... so I decided it should be Molly's. That was the inspiration behind the first outfit. The second one with the AK Traditions pinafore was designed for Molly when she was going to be very modern. In the end I softened it with a big sleeved undershirt. The third outfit was the first one finished... also designed for the very modern version of this doll. A white flower on the front softened it enough to suit her as she ended up I think.
I think she turned out quite well in the end.
The green coat and pink dress are patterns from Fiona McDonald's 'Babes in the Wool' book.
The pink shoes are a modified pattern from the same book.
The green boots are designed by me.

The purple, pink and green pinafore is a pattern from AK Traditions.
The scarlet boots and white undershirt are designed by me.

The purple shoes are a modified pattern from Fiona McDonald's 'Babes in the Wool' book.
The white pants and purple flower top are designed by me.


More to come very soon...


  1. Molly is beautiful, and so beautifully knitted! Doll's definitely tell us what they want to be :-)


  2. Cute dolls! I really like all the different clothes you make for them. My mom and I love to make dolls too!

    -Baby Cat