Stoneleigh Dolls

Saturday, 7 July 2012

'La Vie en Rose'...

Meet 'Six'... I called her that because she is the sixth doll I have made and the name 'Six' kind of stuck while I was making her. Maybe I will rename her at a later date when her personality starts to come through a bit more.

The idea was to make a glamourous doll with a ball gown type outfit. I was inspired by the yarn I used for her hair and the deep red colour. I spend a great deal of time in yarn shops hunting out yarn that would make fantastic hair and it's usually the hair that inspires the rest of the doll.
As with all of my dolls, I have made her a few outfits to choose from. All of the wardrobe pieces are designed by me except for the pink shoes, which are a modified version of Fiona' McDonald's doll shoes from her 'Babes in the Wool' book.


Jack Sparrow has taken a liking to Six... (Six has borrowed a dress from Jemima's wardrobe).
They spent Six's first day with the gang hanging out together.

I have so many doll projects at the moment. I have definitely been inspired this winter! I'll have more to show you in a few days....


  1. Six is absolutely beautiful! I love her gown, which looks Regency to me :-) My favorite is her turtleneck knit dress. Brilliant work!


  2. She is a stunner. I think you should do a coffe table book of photos of your girls in their lovely gear (and the blokes).

  3. Just absolutely stunning..!! Beautiful..!! Love your work..!!!!! Great job..!! I keep going back to look at them...LOL..!! :)

  4. Love, love your dolls. I'm making one myself. I love that she has so many outfits. I like the name in your title "Rose" because of her hair and she's pretty as a red rose