Stoneleigh Dolls

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

'A Little Less Conversation (a Little More Action)'...

I am procrastinating so much over my finishing my Jack Sparrow doll. I now have another new doll amost finished and a bunch more outfits and I still haven't finished off the tiny teeny weeny bit of sewing up I have to do to finish off Jack... so bad!

Over the past few months when I should have been finishing his original outfit... I have managed to make Jack a Santa Outfit and a new suit so he could hang out with the ladies...

At least I can say he is versatile!

Jack's original outfit is at this stage...

So so close... and yet so far...

All I have to do is sew up his sword belt, sew sleeves on his jacket and do a tiny bit of embroidery and he's done. You would think I'd be able to do that over Easter yes?

... I'll give it my best shot... HAHA!


  1. I'm waiting for a new blog post. Love your dolls.

    1. I've just spent a couple of weeks on my dolls so I'll have a LOT to post in a day or two!