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Monday, 30 December 2013

'A Very Dolly Christmas'...

Three knitted dolls are permanent residents of Stoneleigh House (so far!)... They are Polly, the first prototype of this knitted doll pattern, Penny, with the fluffy blonde hair and Matilda, with big brown eyes and red hair. I will introduce them properly in the new year... now that they have settled in.

For now, I want to share with you their very dolly Christmas. They get along well as new room mates, even though they are so different. Polly is quiet and studious, Penny is very girly but very handy around the house...and Matilda is very vivacious and loves life.

Polly found Jack Sparrow's Santa suit at the bottom of the dolly wardrobe and decided to get into the Christmas spirit. She figured Jack wouldn't mind as he looked after her when she first arrived at the house and he treats her like a kid sister. Of course... the suit was far too big but Polly made it work!

The girls all sat around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
The first to open her present was Matilda...

She was very excited!
Polly and Penny had given her a beautiful dress, two red polka dot ribbons and some red striped shoes! Matilda loved them!
Next to open her present was Penny.
Penny was hoping for something pink...

Matilda and Polly had given Penny a gorgeous dress with a pink heart pocket to keep all her gadgets plus a set of screw drivers and 4 hair clips! Penny was happy that her new friends knew her so well already.
Then it was Polly's turn...
Polly was a bit shy about opening her present in front of the others... but after some prodding... she finally opened it.

 Penny and Matilda had given Polly a pink striped Beanie (she had admired the one given to Pam's dolly that went to live in the UK), some red shoes, a white frilled skirt and 2 red hair clips. She was tickled pink at such thoughtful presents from her new friends.
The girls spent the rest of the morning admiring each other's presents and talking about their hopes and plans for the new year. They were all happy to have made new friends.
I hope you enjoyed my dolly Christmas... until next time!

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  1. So cute. I love all your knitted dolls. And I understand not wanting to give them away. I have made several dolls to give away and I miss them. I actually made one for myself and had a niece (21yrs old) ask for it, so I gave it to her. Now I need to make me another one!