Stoneleigh Dolls

Monday, 10 February 2014


A number of my knitted dolls become permanent residents here at Stoneleigh House. I tell myself that I need models for patterns and photos, but in reality these are the dolls I design for myself simply because I want them...

This is Matilda. She is a little bit special due to being named after a much loved red boxer doggie (with huge brown eyes) who passed away just before I made her.


Matilda loves life and is always happy and smiling. She loves to dance around the house and would love it if I made her some really colourful clothes and shoes. (I will I promise).

So far she has managed to get me to make her three dresses and a pair of shoes.

The shoes and the multi- coloured dress were her Christmas presents.

She likes to keep me company on the work desk while I am working on other things.

The red dress wasn't supposed to be hers but it suited her so well that eventually I let her have it.

Matilda feels a little bit left out as Polly and Penny are best friends and sometimes she feels like the third wheel... something tells me that will soon change though!

Until next time...


  1. Matilda is wonderful! All that lovely hair, and such a great wardrobe. She brings a smile to my face :-)


  2. Love her, I can't wait to try the pattern you are designing that is like her.